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BizriOptics provides consultancy services, and design work for wide varieties of optical systems. Our experience, which covers wide range of optical systems, enables us to provide clients with cost effective and timely solutions to their problems.

We did successful design works for Laser Beam Expanders, Beam Shaping lenses, f/1 objectives, wide angle objectives, UV objectives, telescope objectives, eyepieces, mirror objectives, biocular lenses, long WD microscope objective, mechanically compensated zoom lenses, Mini Zoom optically compensated lens, objectives for 1/4"CCDs, relay lenses, SELFOC relay lenses, Liquid lenses, illumination systems and other different lenses tailored to our clients needs.

We also provide services in the area of Optical Software Engineering.

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bizrioptics beam shaping lensebizrioptics mirror objectivebizrioptics LWD microscope objectivesText Box: How We Work
We develop the required work starting from Specifications, which can be well defined and refined by exchanging information and answering a couple of questions over the net. The progress of the work can be monitored closely through daily contact via Email. In this way, the cost is kept minimal without loss of control over the whole process.