Defining Specifications

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Imaging (detector type: eye, CCD, film, IIT, scanner; object: background, lighting condition, size of details)

Illumination (light source: laser, LED, xenon, tungsten, halogen; target: distance, atmospheric effect)

Projection (screen type and distance and energy of light source)

Annual volume units

Target cost ($) /unit


Lens Specifications:

Wavelength range (visible light (400-700), monochromatic, ultraviolet, near infrared (0.8-1.2 microns) mid-wave IR (3-5 microns) far IR (8-12 microns) multi waveband

Design wavelength (microns)


Infinite Conjugate

Focal length


F/# or N.A.

Full field of view

Finite Conjugate

Magnification (lateral)

Object size

Minimum working distance

Object-Image distance


Magnification (angular)

Entrance pupil diameter

Full field of view


Other specifications

Stop (iris diaphragm)

Zoom (Zoom ratio, optical compensation, mechanical compensation)

Telecentric object or image

No cemented components

Aspheres allowed


Packaging (max barrel diameter (mm), max barrel Length (mm), other)

Optical Performance:

Distortion (%)

MTF (greater than  %  at  lp/mm) (on axis and off axis)

Integrated energy (greater than  %  at  microns) (on axis and off axis)

Spot size (rms, radius in microns) (on axis and off axis)

Vignetting (%) (edge of field, other field points)


Resolution (QVGA (320 x 240) VGA (640 x 480) SVGA (800 x 600) XGA (1280 x 768) UXGA (1600 x 1200) Other)

Diagonal (inches, mm)


Light source (xenon, tungsten, halogen, LED, laser Other)


Uniformity (%)


Number of pixels (vertical, horizontal)

Pixel size (microns) (vertical, horizontal)

Active area (microns) (vertical, horizontal)

Mechanical constraints (lens mounting, closest distance to sensor, other)

Spectral response               

Manufacture        (name, webpage, email, detector model, other)